Archipelago (2004-2014) is a photographic project that explores interpersonal connections and disconnections and the dichotomy between the human longing for closeness and the need for individuality. It addresses the tension between our inner and exterior realities and how we live with ourselves and others.

Using friends or family as sitters, I draw inspiration from real life. I use my observations of them and their environment as raw material and add a theatrical dimension through my directorial approach. The relationship between the people in the images defines itself through the setting, which conversely becomes a psychological extension of their characters. The resulting tableaus are a fusion of fiction and reality, exposing the social constructs that frame individuals, such as class, family and gender.

Using silence as a platform, these photographs operate as a collection of “islands,” separated by the loneliness in each one and linked by the intimate bond of belonging to the same world. A monograph featuring Archipelago will be published by Kehrer Verlag in 2022 with an essay by Vicki Goldberg.